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Hi All, We moved the meeting to the day after the dinner 4/8/2017  The trails had to close to early this year not good. But now it's time to pull out the signs Roy and Jerry tred to pull some signs this week  3/21 with no lock the ground is still froze, maybe the first weekend in April we can start working on sign removal let me know and we can meet at the building at 9:00AM




The overnight ride on Feb 4th turned out great, 20 machines 252 miles in 2 days and a lot of fun.

We need to close the trails again need more snow and  temps below 32 de and we will open them back up.

We will be closing the trails Monday 8:00 AM 2/13/2017. We will open when we get more snow and cools down. It saved the trails the last time we did this.



Trails are opening Feb 1st  at 7am.  Please read the trail report.  It is very important information about the trails. 

The overnight ride on Feb 4th will take place. We plan to meet on Lee Lake we will be leaving the area at 8:30.   We plan to stop for lunch at noon at Hills Still, which is just west of Pickerel Lake.  Then we will continue to our hotel.  Snow conditions have improved with the new snow.  See you on the lake.




We are keeping the trails close for the weekend, do to the water on the trails and also we only ended up with 1/2''of snow no good for grooming. Maybe Monday we will get more snow and then we can open the trails back up. For the over night riders next weekend if we don't get the snow early in the week we will be cancelling the over night ride on Wednesday night 2/1/2017.


 We groomed all day Monday to get the trails flat again before the meltdown. We had the Kelly lake fishery Sat. Tons of snowmobile traffic killed some trails.Saying all that we will be closing the trails Wednesday 1/18/2017  to try to save them.


The weather men were close 9" of wet heavy snow. The groomers are going out the next two days all the trails should be great if we can get all the marshes groomed.



The weather men are reporting 5 to 8" of snow Monday and Tue more coming later this week. So I will report back Thursday night.This snow is great, we can use it on the south end of the trails. in the County


Read the trail report, remember we have a meeting Saturday  at 9:00am. See you on the trails


We looked over the trails last Wednesday and found that we have a very good base.  Some of the forest roads are rough due to the warm temps and trucks driving on them.   When we receive more snow cover, it should help with the rough areas.  Walking through one of the marshy areas,  I noticed on the way out, that my footprints in the snow were filling up with water.  We need help from snowmobiles to ride in these areas, to help pack down the snow, so it can start freezing up for us to groom.  For this time of the year the trails are shaping up.  With the cold temps coming this week it will only help the situation.

Thanks to all the club members, who have helped to get the trails prepared for this season.  Also the members who work behind the scenes, thank you.  A family we met, while we were checking the trails, stopped to give a big thanks to everyone, for  the hard work as well.  They have recognized all the hard work that has been done.



Trails are now open (but read this article.)

The groomers went out today, to pan the trails, only to find out that the swamps are not frozen enough to support the groomers.  Because of this, the drivers will only groom the forest roads, fields and areas which are dry. This is what we need from you early riders, ride the trails that are not groomed as well and also ride the sides not just the center. This will help freeze up the trails. Trails not groomed are the pipe line, trail to Suring, Kelly Lake area, Lost lake swamp, the west side of White Potato lake. just to name some areas. 


Trails are now open but read this article.

The B & B Joyriders trails are now open today Dec. 17th @ 2:00pm.  There is still one areas that is remaining closed,  due to corn in a 40 acre field.  This trail is from Cooley Lake to Hwy Z which heads to Suring  or the Pipeline.  The intersestion numbers are 407 to 415.  This trail will reamain closed until next week sometime. 

We don't plan to bring out the groomers until Tuesay, Dec 20th.  Please ride the trails cautiously.  There could be many dangerous areas because the club has not been through the complete system due to wet area. Stay off all lakes. Remember this is very early season riding.

There have been new changes to the trails.  Please follow the signage.  Stay on the trails as we have many landowers that allow us this privilege to use their property.  If you find an area that needs attention, please help us out and clean up the trail or if its to big of a problem, please contact us.

Enjoy the trails and don't forget to stop by our area businesses. 



Trail work is started, on Sept 24 the team started working on the bridge redecking it. Each weekend after people have been working brushing, moving trails, new gates and even signing trails. We have a meeting this Sat 11/05/2016. I will get the time and place this week



Our club has spend over 500 hours this fall to make these trail safer for everyone to enjoy.  Please remember that these trails are hard to keep and maintain.  Stay on the trails, do not go off the trails.  The landowners allow us to use their property so please respect the use of the land. 



Trail Boss